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Elementary Acting I: The Actor’s Instrument [DRAM 237]

DRAM 237/3.0 Elementary Acting I: The Actor’s Instrument

Course Description:

A practical introduction to the fundamental skills and techniques of acting, involving an appreciation of the interdependence of the actor’s body, voice, intellect, feeling, and cultural context.

Learning Outcomes:

Drama 237 has been devised to provide an opportunity for you, the student:

1)   To develop an appreciation for the art of theatre performance by attending productions and writing critically about various aspects of what you have experienced

2)   To develop an understanding of the various skills that make up the art of acting and by developing these skills through participation in class exercises on topics such as emotional recall, sensitivity, vocal and physical characterization and text analysis.

3)   To develop an understanding of the interdependence of the actor’s internal life, thinking and feeling and its physical manifestation

4)   To develop communication and collaboration skills by sharing personal observations with others in the class and by actively participating in group exercises and presentations

5)   To further develop a critical perspective about the world in which we live and in which we create by sensitively observing and responding to class experiences through the writing of personal reflections

6)   To further develop as a life-long-learner by integrating the knowledge, skills and values that are addressed in this class

LEARNING HOURS: 120 (18Lb;18Pc;84P)
PREREQUISITE: A grade of B  in 6.0 units from (DRAM 100/6.0; DRAM 181/6.0; BISC100/3.0; BISC101/3.0) or permission of the Department.
EXCLUSION: No more than 6.0 units from DRAM 237/3.0; DRAM 238/3.0; DRAM 239/3.0.