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Advanced Conducting [MUSC 370]

MUSC 370/3.0 Advanced Conducting

Instructor: Dan Tremblay 

Course Outline:

Study of advanced instrumental conducting techniques, score analysis and rehearsal procedures. Issues of style, interpretation and relationship between gesture and response will be examined through the preparation of selected repertoire. Students will explore rehearsal techniques and develop manual dexterity and baton technique. Topics covered include: preparatory posture, establishment of tempo, releases, beat patterns, cueing, dynamics, fermata, transposition, terminology, score preparation, physical presentation, and listening skills.

Intended Student Learning Outcomes:

To complete this course, students will demonstrate their ability to:

Communicate their expected musical ideas such as phrasing, sound and articulations, musical style, dynamics, and tempi by their precise and meaningful gesture and stance.

Control the baton, which includes techniques of grip, patterns, cueing, dynamic shading, and the relation of these conducting gestures to instrumental sound.

Plan an efficient rehearsal, by allowing the proper amount of time to each work according to their level of difficulty, and by identifying possible challenges through score study prior to the first rehearsal.

Analyze and compare styles and techniques of world-class Maestri through video recordings and live performance, and evaluate themselves by watching video recordings of their own performance on the podium, in order to improve their conducting technique and communication skills.

Refine their skills in score study, analysis and marking of a conductor’s score for more efficient rehearsal and performance, which includes memorization and transposition.

Recognize composer’s intentions by their ability to understand the score, which includes translation of musical terms from Italian, French, German, and English.