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Arts Leadership Capstone [ARTL 810]

ARTL 810

6.0 Units

Students will be required to secure their own work practicum, and the program has incorporated a budget for Genovese, Vanderhoof and Associates (who specialize in arts placements and who have a track recording in internship placements) to assist them in this process.

Students will report to a faculty supervisor from the School of Drama and Music. The practicum / research report represents the culmination of the student’s learning to apply and integrate the knowledge garnered from the program.

In addition to obtaining experiential learning within an arts organization, students will write a research project report that will include an in-depth strategic review encompassing artistic vision, audience development, revenue and business development, governance and human resources, financial analysis and the external environment.

This research project report will also include recommendations that can contribute to the future success of the organization. Through their practicum, the Masters students will gain practical experience and apply their theoretical knowledge; observe and analyze problems and solutions in a professional arts setting; interact with arts colleagues in a professional environment and in a wide range of activities; be able to find, analyze, evaluate, select and integrate information using various industry sources and from critical judgements through the preparation of the final research report on an arts institution; and gain insight into their future role and career interests in the arts.