Welcome Barbecue 2022

DAN SCHOOL WELCOME BARBECUE Friday, September 16, 2022, at the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts    11:30 AM – 12:45 PM: BARBECUE ON THE ISABEL PATIO Hamburger or Veggie Burger, Chips and Lemonade/Water   TICKETS ARE REQUIRED FOR EVERYONE ATTENDING THIS EVENT THROUGH […]

Opera Performance [MUTH 332]

MUTH 332/3.0 Opera Performance Exploration and discussion of historical and contemporary performances as well as theories of acting, character development, staging and other topics related to Opera performance. Knowledge will be applied and expanded through live performance of scenes from the repertoire. Course may focus […]

Music Practicum [MUSC 247]

MUSC 247/1.5  Music Practicum MUSC 247 Music Practicum is a for-credit Fall/Winter course (1.5) and requires the student to select and attend a number of workshops, lectures and masterclasses. Written reflections are due following each event. This course is Pass/Fail. Gisele Dalbec-Szczesniak is the instructor […]

Introduction to Props Design [DRAM 346]

DRAM 346/3.0 Introduction to Props Design            An introduction to techniques and materials used in designing and building theatrical properties. Students will research, design, and build props. They will work with a range of materials and learn a variety of fabrication techniques, […]

Introduction to Mask Making [DRAM 339]

DRAM 339/3.0 Introduction to Mask Making This course offers an introduction to mask design and construction. Through demonstrations, assignments, discussions, and hands-on building, students will learn the principles of mask-making and design. Discussions will focus on the different uses of masks, looking at contemporary and […]

Audition Opportunity with KSA

Exciting NEW opportunity for auditioning Dan School of Drama and Music STRING students in March 2022! We are offering auditioning string students to the Dan School of Drama and Music an opportunity to also audition for the Kingston Symphony Orchestra, a well-established professional orchestra which performs […]