Internship [MUTH 396]

MUTH 396/6.0 Internship MUTH 396/6.0 is an internship working in a paid musical theatre-performance-related job that the student finds for themself, is worth 6.0 units (240 hours of work), and can be used to fulfil (part) of 300-level course degree requirements. PREREQUISITE: Level 3 or […]

Brass Techniques and Methods [MUSC 283]

MUSC 283/3.0 Brass Techniques and Methods Instructors:  Brunette/Tremblay This course is an introduction to the basic techniques and methods of brass instruments and their application to teaching through specialized work on one brass instrument (trumpet, trombone or euphonium).  Students will be evaluated on individual and […]

String Techniques and Methods [MUSC 285]

MUSC 285/3.0 String Techniques and Methods Instructor:  Gisèle Dalbec-Szczesniak This course is an introduction to the orchestral strings (violin, viola, and cello) through class instruction, emphasizing fundamental playing techniques.  These will include the study of ranges, fingerings, bowings, transpositions, tunings, basic instrument maintenance, method books […]

Covid-19 and The DAN School

  Campus Re-opening Framework: DAN School of Drama and Music    The DAN School is planning for a successful return to all our activities. This document outlines any restrictions beyond those outlined by Queen’s University. Any changes in overall Queen’s policy that are more restrictive […]

Visual Music [MAPP 493]

MAPP 493/3.0 Visual Music NOTE Administered by the Department of Film and Media. LEARNING HOURS 120 (36L;24Lb;60P). Requirements: Prerequisite Level 3 or above and registration in a (STSC/MAPP or COCA Specialization or a DRAM, FILM, MDIA, MUSC or MUTH Plan). Instructor: Rogalsky An introduction to […]

Music Direction for Music Theatre [MUTH 331]

MUTH 331/3.0 Music Direction for Music Theatre Instructor: Darrell Christie Do you want to know more about Music Directing? Are you interested in playing for musicals, leading vocal rehearsals, conducting from the pit? This course is for you. Instrumentalist, vocalist, or conductor – all are welcome as […]

Special Topics in Music III [MUSC 477]

MUSC 477/3.0 Special Topics in Music III An intensive analysis of a particular topic within a specific area of music. Topics vary by year. LEARNING HOURS 120 (24S;12G;24O;60P) PREREQUISITE Level 3 or above and permission of the School. PROFESSOR Jeffrey Leung Music Credits:  Music: Rush Concerto […]