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Canadian Drama [DRAM 306]

DRAM 306/3.0 Canadian Drama

Winter with Professor Natalie Rewa 

Drama 306: Drama, Theatre and Performance from coast to coast to coast on Turtle Island/Canada 

Response-ability(Donna Haraway)[1] 

Drama, theatre and performance on Turtle Island, or the territories defined as Canada, are our focus. Our study will consider how Haraway’s “response-ability” manifests in the work of playwrights, theatre artists, theatre companies. We will trace how theatre artists understand dynamic engagements with “being here” — the cultural contexts and the making of public events. An approach of our study will be to begin with simple questions – what needs to be performed and who and where has that performance been scripted and realized. We will study work initiated by writers, performers and designers and will seek to investigate how response-ability engages us locally and from coast to coast to coast in the making of theatre.  

Each member of our seminar will have the opportunity to present their inquiries into drama and theatre on these territories in oral and written forms, in smaller assignments throughout the term and in a final substantial project of inquiry. 

LEARNING HOURS    120 (36L;84P) 

PREREQUISITE    Level 3 or above 

[1]Response-ability is a term proposed by Donna Haraway that draws attention to being present in the world – to “stay with the trouble” and  “learning to be truly present, not as a vanishing pivot between awful or edenic pasts and apocalyptic or salvic futures, but as moral critters entwined in myriad unfinished configurations of places, times, matters and meanings.” (Donna Haraway, Staying with the Trouble.(Durham, Duke University Press, 2016), 1.