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Dean Burry’s Carnival of the Dinosaurs

From March 21-23 Queen’s professor Dean Burry’s Carnival of the Dinosaurs was performed at the Grand Theatre by the Kingston Symphony Orchestra. Grade Four classes from throughout the Limestone District School board attended the performance in conjunctions with the Music Education program at Queen’s University. The performance of

Margaret Walker: Multiple Modernities?

Margaret Walker presented a paper on Multiple Modernities? Music and Dance Documentation in Colonial India at the inaugural conference of the International Network for a Global History of Music in Lisbon on 15 March, 2019.

Documentary theatre In the post-truth era

“In the post-truth era, documentary theatre searches for common ground” by Jenn Stephenson. Article published in The Conversation https://theconversation.com/in-the-post-truth-era-documentary-theatre-searches-for-common-ground-104445

Performing Research

Second Annual Dan School of Drama and Music Undergraduate Mini-Conference Program: ❖ 12:30 Nature and Nurture of Vocal Talent: Reality Television and the Manipulation of Authenticity. Eilat Assif  (Faculty Supervisor Colleen Renihan) ❖ 12:55  Disability Theatre Manifesto. Emily Gray (Faculty Supervisor Jenn Stephenson) ❖ 1:20  A Schenkerian view of your

Music and modernity among first peoples of North America

Music and modernity among first peoples of North America ​ edited by Victoria Lindsay Levine and Dylan Robinson. Wesleyan University Press, 2019 Indigenous and settler scholars from both Canada and the United States explore topics that range from hiphop to powwow, and television soundtracks to Native Classical

Jenn Stephenson: Insecurity

Insecurity: Perils and Products of Theatres of the Real By Jenn Stephenson© 2019 The early years of the twenty-first century have witnessed a proliferation of non-fiction, reality-based performance genres, including documentary and verbatim theatre, site-specific theatre, autobiographical theatre, and immersive theatre. Insecurity: Perils and Products of Theatres

Stephanie Lind: 2019 NACVGM

Stephanie Lind and research assistants Andrew Bennett and Kaitlin Saari presented papers on video game analysis at the 2019 North American Conference on Video Game Music.  The conference was live-tweeted with the hashtag #NACVGM, and their video presentations are available through their Youtube channel, Game Music Queen’s.

Julia Brook: Being and Becoming an Artist

Dr. Julia Brook has co-authored a chapter in a book that has just been published.  Abstract from Being and Becoming an Artist: Exploring the Life Histories of Five Indigenous Artists from the Northwest Territories: In Northern Canadian communities few, if any, formal arts education programs have been