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Colonialism in Performing Arts [MUTH 245]

MUTH 245/3.0 Colonialism in Performing Arts

LEARNING HOURS    120 (12L;48O;60P)

PREREQUISITE   No prerequisite required. Everybody is welcome.

Instructor: Golam Rabbani

How does colonialism operate in performing arts? How do different cultures adopt or protest against colonialism? Do the forms of performing arts expand or reduce as a result of colonialism in different parts of the world?







Photo by Yinka Shonibare, MBE, from SCAD Museum of Art

These are some of the questions we shall investigate within the diverse examples of performing arts and experiences offered in this course. MUTH 245 will study common socio-cultural themes influenced by colonialism and presented in a variety of performances from Canada, South Asia, Europe, Africa, East Asia, and the Middle East. The course will involve innovative and exciting classroom activities, such as meditation and games. No prior background in arts or music is required to attend this course. The assessments are flexible, including participation, quizzes/assignments, and student-led projects.

E-mail: golam.rabbani@queensu.ca