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The Barefoot Players is Queen's University School of Drama & Music's theatre troupe for young audiences. Made possible by the Queen's Summer Work Experience Program (SWEP), the Barefoot Players gain valuable workplace experience creating, touring, and performing theatre for young audiences between the months of May and August each year.

Past shows include adaptations of local folk tales and of Shakespearean works MacbethThe TempestTwelfth NightA Midsummer Night's Dream and As You Like It. The company also runs a theatre day camp, bringing theatre education and fun to local children for two weeks every summer. Check back soon to hear more about our 2018 season!

Past Shows


The Barefoot Players have been performing for young audiences for over 10 years! Take a look at some of our past players and performances!

2017: Toques and Tales!

Toques and Tales!, 2017

2016: Once Upon a Forest Fable!

Once Upon a Forest Fable!, 2016

2015: All The Stage is a World

All The Stage is a World, 2015

2014: Dream a Little Dream

Dream a Little Dream, 2014

2013: Play On!

Play On!, 2013

2012: Teapost in a Tempest

Teapost in a Tempest, 2012

2011: The Skittish Play

The Skittish Play, 2011


2010: Off Kilter

Off Kilter, 2010


2009: Over the Top

Over the Top, 2009

2008: Grimm Tales

Grimm Tales, 2008

2007: Faces of the Moon

Faces of the Moon, 2007 

2006: Bone Head

Bone Head, 2006

2005: Ashpuddle

Ashpuddle, 2005

2004: Invisible Thread

Invisible Thread, 2004

2003: Perseus and Mom - Mouldy Old Tales

Perseus and Mom - Mouldy Old Tales, 2003

2002: Tall Tales

Tall Tales, 2002