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All appropriate fees will be presented to students by invoice, once registration is completed online. Various options are in place for payment of fees.

Registration Fee


This is payable at commencement of instruction for all students and is in effect between August 2020 – July 2021. It applies to any QCM offering and is payable once annually per family*, so students who participate in more than one activity or families with several musical members stand to benefit more. A reduced registration fee of $20 is offered for students who register for instruction in the Spring term onwards (April 21). *Family membership applies to a single household in which there is one financial contact person for spouses/partners and dependents taking classes through QCM.

Service Charge


This charge is applicable to each payment made after the first, and for lesson extensions.

Private Lesson Fee

$65 / hour

The private lesson fee incorporates QCM costs and instructor fees. Fees can be pro-rated for students wishing to take lessons more or less than an hour in length.  

Group Class Fees

Piano Club for Adults 1 – $550

Piano Club for Adults 2 – $550

Yamaha Junior Music Course 1 – $845

Yamaha Junior Music Course 2 – $845

Yamaha Junior Music Course 3 – $985

Yamaha Junior Music Course 4 – $985

Yamaha Junior Music Course 5 – $985

Yamaha Young Musicians Course 1 – $845 

HST: Courses offered by QCM are exempt from GST/HST.