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The Yamaha method of music education incorporates weekly group lessons designed to give students the best beginning possible for the development of basic music skills. The Yamaha Music Foundation has completed much research illustrating that a child’s ear develops most rapidly between the ages of four and six. Since hearing development is so closely related to learning music, this is the ideal time to start developing music skills.

The Junior Music Course 4 (JMC4) is a continuation of JMC3. Using a similar balance of activities found in JMC3, students continue to build their musical foundation through solfege singing, keyboard playing, sight singing, sight playing, and ensemble work. Students learn more complex rhythmic, melodic and harmonic structures, and further develop their ear training and keyboard skills. In this 4th year course, parents have transitioned out of the classroom, thus enabling students to learn and practice independently.


Classes will take place in the Keyboard Lab (Rm 229) of Harrison-LeCaine Hall of Queen’s University, on Bader Lane. The JMC4 course is 35 weeks and runs between September, 2019 – June, 2020.

Saturdays 12 - 1 pm, taught by Grace Pham

Saturday classes will run from 7th September to 14th December, 2019 and 11th January to 20th June, 2020. No class will be held on 15th February (Family Day weekend, 21st March (March Break), 11th April, 2020 (Easter weekend) and 16th May (Victoria Day weekend).

All students will be expected to participate in the year-end concert in a group class performance on Sunday, 14th June, 2020.

New students will not be permitted to join the JMC4 course after the fourth class has passed, to ensure that everyone in the group moves at the same pace through the year.


This course is for students who have completed JMC3 at QCM or at another Yamaha school. A parent or guardian is not expected to attend class.

The course will run with a minimum class size of 3 people (please refer to QCM Policy for further details regarding procedure if minimum class size is not achieved). Maximum number of students per class is 10.


A packet of course materials is included in the cost of tuition:

  • Solfege and Ensemble 3 & 4 - Textbook & CD
  • Repertoire 3 & 4 - Textbook & CD
  • Yamaha Grade 9 Exam Study Guide
  • Sight Playing & Accompaniment Workbook

Students are required to have a keyboard with full size weighted keys for practice. Families interested in purchasing a Yamaha keyboard or piano are eligible for a tuition credit toward Yamaha Music Education System group classes. The tuition credit is processed through the Yamaha Head Office, and the amount of credit varies according to instrument purchased. Further information is available at the QCM office.

 4) FEES

Course fee: $985 per child, includes all materials.

Registration fee: $40 per family per year. This fee covers registration for all programs within QCM over the year.

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