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Payment Options

Payments can be made online by debit, VISA, Master Card, or in person by cheque or money order (made payable to Queen’s University).

Payment plans are available as follows, according to the length of instruction:

Single Payment for the year: payable prior to the beginning of instruction. No service charge. Available for:

Private Lessons – All plans
All Group Classes

2 Term Installments: payable in September and January. $4 service charge applies to January payment. Available for:

Private Lessons – Academic and Full Year Plans
2 Term and Full Year Group Classes

Monthly installments: from September – April. $4 service charge applies to each payment after the first. Available for:

Private Lessons – Flexible Plan (3 installments), Academic and Full Year Plans (8 installments)
Full Year Group Classes

The first payment of any payment plan is required in full prior to commencement of instruction. Lesson extensions must also be paid in full at time of registration.

Registration fee (if applicable) is due with the first payment of any payment plan.

When paying by monthly or term installments, installments will be an equal division of the plan total, and are not representative of how many lessons are taken in any one month or term. Installments must be paid by credit card or post-dated cheques.

All monetary transactions must be made through the QCM office or the online payment system. Students may not give any payment to instructors.