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Private Instruction


Private instruction offers one-on-one coaching with an established instructor. A variety of lesson plans are offered in order to accommodate all ages, standards, schedules and goals. As such, students may register for private instruction at any point during the Queen's Community Music Season Schedule. If you are not sure which lesson plan might work best for you or you need any further information, please contact us:

❖ Full Year Lesson Plan

This 35-lesson plan covers all weeks of the Fall, Winter and Spring terms, and would suit students who wish to take weekly lessons through the public school year (taking into consideration observed holidays). For 2019-20, lessons begin the week of September 9th. See QCM Season Schedule for dates and holidays.

❖ Academic Year Lesson Plan

This 23-lesson plan offers lessons over the Fall and Winter terms, and would suit academic students in University or College who wish to have lessons concurrently with their studies. This schedule follows that of the course MUSCX24 offered through the Dan School of Drama and Music for university credit, but does not have a jury evaluation or performance requirements.  Lessons begin the week of September 9th and take place during the teaching weeks of Queen's University (12 weeks Fall Term; 11 weeks Winter Term). This lesson plan is NOT available for university credit.

❖ Flexible Lesson Plan

This 10-lesson plan offers lessons over the Fall, Winter and Spring terms, and would suit students who wish to take one lesson a month, or who require instruction in a specific time frame (eg: 1 term only).

❖ Lesson Extension Plan

If a student reaches the end of their lesson package early or needs extra lessons, a 4 lesson extension plan can be made in consultation with an instructor.

❖ Late Registration Plan

Students wishing to begin private instruction after the week of September 9th will be accepted pending instructor availability.



We currently offer private instruction on all of the instruments listed below. Interested in pursuing instruction on an instrument not listed here? Please contact us!

Theory & Composition
French Horn, Trombone, Trumpet
Drums, Marimba
Guitar, Viola, Violin
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