Queen's University

The 'Queen's Community Music Awards for Youth Fund' scholarships were awarded to the following students for the 2018-19 season: 


Emma Abicht, Ashwathy Augustine, Sophia Battel, Jonathan Fairbank, Kevin Guo, Jayne & Rachel Hackett, Sophie Koeppl, Brodie Martin, Jenna Martinello, Felix Melanson, Sarah Moore, Alexandar Nediak, Dorothy Nediak, Lena Renwick, Ruoning Sophie Shen, Levente Ungi, Mia Wang, Addison Wu, David Wu


This fund, which was established thanks to the very generous support of a QCM member, is a momentous milestone for Queen's Community Music, and for families who value and support music education for young people. Please join me in offering special thanks to our first donor for student scholarships!