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Conducting Techniques [MUSC 270]

MUSC 270/3.0 Conducting Techniques

Instructors: Dan Tremblay and Darrell Christie

This course will offer instruction in the basics of both instrumental and choral conducting through the research, practice, and practical application of skills.
This course will include topics such as the role of the conductor, beat patterns, baton technique, transposition, clef reading, communication of musical language, ensemble design and organization, rehearsal planning, and score preparation. Although both instrumental and choral conductors vary their style to suit their ensemble, the fundamentals of conducting remain the same. To this end, this course will be co-taught by Dan Tremblay and Darrell Christie, as while both possess instrumental and choral conducting experience, they also have their areas of expertise. Students will learn what is required to lead an ensemble successfully with a focus on developing practical skills in conducting.