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Cormac Evans

A member of Dan School of Drama & Music

Cormac Evans

Adjunct Lecturer, Executive Director of Finance and Operations, Faculty of Arts and Science


Cormac Evans teaches Public Relations and Strategic Communications in the Queen’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate program and the Dan School’s Arts Leadership graduate program. He has 20+ years of experience in public relations and strategic planning and has worked with organizations in both the private and public sectors to help them build relationship management strategies that meet the diverse needs of stakeholders. He is currently the Executive Director of Finance and Operations for the Faculty of Arts and Science, the largest Faculty at Queen’s, and provides strategic direction to Senior Management on how to effectively design and implement integrated communications strategies to suit different audiences, while also being accountable for the financial management and business operations of the Faculty in support of short and long-term planning.

In his course (ENIN 204), students will learn the fundamentals of Public Relations (PR) and the basic principles, processes and applications. Students will explore the difference between PR and marketing, and will examine the duties of creative PR practitioners before looking at the more strategic areas of focus including; PR planning, stakeholder development and management, as well as the development of communications strategies and tactical plans. Throughout this course, students will also examine the role of promotion and publicity within organizations and will assess how to effectively measure and evaluate a PR campaign. This course focuses on the theoretical context of different types of PR activity, supplemented by practical assignments to encourage a ‘learning-by doing’ approach.