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Take a look at these great courses still available for the
Winter 2020 term.

Students are always encouraged to check out any specific DRAM, ENIN, MUSC and MUTH course that they might be interested in taking. However, as some courses have already reached their maximum enrolment capacity, the following list of courses in Music Theatre (MUTH) and Music (MUSC) is provided as a short-cut to help students find a great course to take that currently has room for additional students.


Courses still open for winter 2020


DRAM 303 Indigenous Playwrights (on-line). Professor Grahame Renyk and Professor Tara Beagan

DRAM 339 Acting/Performance. Professor Jacob James



MUTH-329: Music Direction for Music Theatre. Professor Darrell Bryan

MUTH-380: Research Methods in the Performing Arts. Professor Margaret Walker



MUSC-105: Foundations in Tonal Music. Professor Dean Burry

MUSC 181 Woodwind Technique. Professor Peter Freeman

MUSC-245 Music and Video Games. Professor Stephanie Lind

MUSC 289 Global Music (on-line). Professor Robb MacKay

MUSC-370 Topics in Advanced Conducting. Professor Dan Tremblay

MUSC-475: Music Aesthetics. Professor Jeff Hanlon