Undergraduate Students

Summer Courses


The DAN School offers several courses during the Summer term. The term runs from May 1st-August 31st and is split into different sessions. Summer term registration opens February 6th.


Available Summer Courses

The full list of courses offered at the DAN School is in the Arts and Science course calendar. The DAN School offers a subset of these courses each year. Current students enrol in courses through SOLUS, which you can find at myqueensu.ca.

Some courses will have a prerequisite. Prerequisite requirements outline the prior knowledge and experience that you need, in part, to be successful in the course.

Please email Undergraduate Advising for more information.


Kingston Campus, May 1st-26th, 10am-3:30pm weekdays

MUTH 329: Developing Your Artistic Identity. In this hands-on interactive course taught by Patricia O’Callaghan, students will develop their artistic identity and explore how to realize it in their creative offerings. Through a series of interactive and exploratory activities and guest artist collaborations, students will examine how to identify their unique offerings, arrange works, curate or create shows, hone their collaboration and leadership skills, and identify and connect with audiences. Students will apply their learnings through a series of curations/creations that will feature in Kingston's 2023 Watershed Music Theatre Festival. Prerequisite (Level 3 or above and registration in DRAM, MUSC or MUTH Plan) or permission of the School.

Alums and students from outside Queen’s are also welcome to apply for MUTH 329. Please reach out to the DAN School at programs.danschool@queensu.ca for more information.

Students working a tech or acting role in the Watershed Festival are welcome to apply for practicum credit (MUTH 247). Please contact the e-mail above for more information.

Niagara-on-the-Lake, August 14th-27th, 9am-4:30pm daily with additional evening performances

The Shaw Festival summer program includes two courses meant to be paired:

DRAM 371: Modern Drama at the Shaw Festival: students will attend several productions at the Shaw festival, discussing these in seminars and with guest speakers drawn from the Shaw company where available. Prerequisite Level 3 or above.

DRAM 373: Scene Study at the Shaw Festival: an intermediate acting course in which a variety of techniques and exercises will be used to explore selected dramatic texts drawn from the mandate of the Shaw Festival. Prerequisite Level 3 or above and registration in a (COCA, DRAM, STSC/MAPP, MUSC or MUTH Plan) and (3.0 units from DRAM 331; DRAM 332; DRAM 339). Corequisite DRAM 371. 

Students in this program will stay in Niagara-on-the-Lake for the duration of the program.

The DAN School arranges all transportation, accommodation, and festival tickets. There is a course fee in addition to regular course tuition fees. Please click here to fill out the form to request registration in these courses.

Offered Through Arts and Science Online

There are two online DAN School courses offered this summer:

ENIN 400: Innovation Design Sprint will be offered in the May/June term. This course is designed as an intense, short-burst, experiential learning expedition. It is an opportunity for students to practice developing innovative, effective solutions to real-world business, social, and creative problems. Prerequisite Level 3 or above and ENIN 200 and (ENIN 301 or CHEE 302). Exclusion ENIN 401.

MUSC 171: Social History of Popular Music, also in the May/June term. This course has no prerequisite and does not require a previous knowledge of music. A survey of important trends in 20th century Western popular music. Topics include genres, individual artists and groups, record labels and stylistic trends, and sociological issues.