Queen's University

We are offering a lot of great courses next year!


Here are some courses that are either new or haven't been offered in awhile.



Cabaret, Satire and Theater: Jewish Theatre in Europe (1938-1949), DRAM 219 (winter) Prof: Diego Rotman. Open to all students 2nd yr or higher.

Acting – Introduction to Character, DRAM 239* (fall) Prof: Quincy Armorer. *Please note – only one of these Acting/239’s can be taken.

Acting - Introduction to Devising Theatre. DRAM 239* (winter) Prof: Kim Renders. This course will emphasize voice and movement. *Please note – only one of these 239’s can be taken.

Elements of Design Practice – focus on mask making. DRAM 342 (fall) Prereq: DRAM 241 or 242. Meet guest artist - Clelia Scala. See http://www.clelia.ca/

Advanced Acting: Shakespeare, DRAM 431 (fall) Prereq: 6 units from the 3rd yr acting course. Prof: Chick Reid.


Scandals that Rock the Classical Music World. MUSC 245 (winter) , Cindy Tormann. Open to any students in 2nd yr or above.

The Solo Piano Music of Chopin, MUSC 446 (winter) John Burge. Prerequisite: MUSC-292

MIDI-Orchestration, MUSC 475 (fall/winter) John Burge and Matt Rogalsky, Prereqs - MUSC-255 or MUSC-396 or IDIS-311: AND MUSC-104 or MUSC-156 AND MUSC-104


Musical Theatre Ensemble, MUTH 160, 260, 360, 460 (Fall/Winter) Bruce Kelly. Excepts will be taken from: Rogers and Hammerstein: Oklahoma, Carousel, South Pacific, Pipe Dream. Loewe: Brigadoon, Camelot. Harnick: Fiddler on the Roof. Schwartz: Godspell. Open to anyone by audition (held in September).

Singing and Dancing MUTH 210, 211 (fall) 

Opera MUTH 232 (fall), Colleen Renihan. An introduction to the history and building blocks of opera, as seen through the lens of opera's engagements with and representations of race, gender, and politics. Students will watch operatic scenes to critique artistic choices, unpack historical and contemporary documents, and grapple with issues of race, gender, and politics through case studies and other modes of active learning. Throughout the course, we will be attentive to the question of opera's particular value as a form of productive intervention in these issues today.

Music Direction for Music Theatre, MUTH 329 (fall) (Topic) Darrel Bryan, This course focuses on the theoretical knowledge and practical application of skills in the direction of music theatre. Students will acquire an understanding of varying styles in music theatre from Opera to Broadway and develop specific skills in music direction and music performance. Prereq: Third year standing or above in DRAM or MUSC concentration. *NOTE - you can take more than one 329 course

Politics of Sound MUTH 329 (winter) (Topic) Dylan Robinson, The course focuses on the intersections between what it means to listen from critical race, Indigenous, feminist, LGBTQ2 perspectives. Third year standing. *NOTE - you can take more than one 329 course

Research in Performing Arts Education MUTH 387 (winter) , Julia Brooke. Third year standing or above.

Opera Design MUTH 440 (winter), Natalie Rewa. Fourth year standing in DRAM, MUSC, STSC or Art


Contemporary Cultural Practice in Performance IDIS 410 (fall) , Michael Wheeler. This is a practical course that engages students in the ways online technologies combine with live and recorded performance. Students will engage with the activities of SpiderWebShow, Volcano Theatre's Informing Content, and create their own works in collaboration with classmates on a final project. Fourth year standing in STSC, DRAM, MUSC, FILM or Art

Acting for the Screen STSC 300 (fall) , Michael Wheeler. Prereq: as per calendar. Priority given to STSC students.