Queen's University

Dancer-Singer in Musical Theatre [MUTH 310]

Dancer-Singer in Musical Theatre


MUTH 310/3.0

An applied course focused on the integration of advanced-level singing and dancing techniques in the rehearsal and performance of musical theatre scenes. Through written assignments and performance, students prepare and perform scenes that integrate the work of the composer, lyricist, and book writer.

Instructors: Stephanie Graham and Darrell Bryan

LEARNING HOURS 120 (24S;12G;84P)

PREREQUISITE A grade of B- in MUTH 210/3.0 and MUTH 211/3.0, or permission of the School upon successful audition.

Auditions: Thursday November 2, 5:00-6:30pm, Theological Hall. To sign up for an audition, email drama@queensu.ca