Queen's University

Research Methods in the Performing Arts [MUTH 380]

MUTH 380/3.0


Course Description: 

Do you need to brush up on your research skills before writing your senior thesis or applying to grad school? Do you want to improve your writing? Or are you just excited about finding new information on topics that interest you?
This course will teach you the practical skills required to conduct multidisciplinary research in the performing and creative arts. We'll also cover the theoretical context that informs research, helping you to select the most suitable research tools and organizational plans to illuminate a project topic of your own choice. 
Learn how to conduct archival research, interviews, literature reviews, participant observation, and delve into historical inquiry -- with insight from expert researchers from Queen's Library and our very own ethnomusicology professor and interdisciplinary scholar, Dr. Margaret Walker. 
This course will ignite your passion for conducting original scholarly research in music, drama, and across the creative and performing arts!

Term offered: Winter 2018

Prerequisite: Level 3 (third-year student) or above.

Exclusion: No more than 3.0 units from MUTH 380/3.0 and MUSC 385/3.0 and MUSC 386/3.0                       

Learning Hours: 120 (36S; 36O; 48P)