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Special Topics in Performance II [DRAM 339]

DRAM 339


From the Calendar: Practical work in selected areas of performance. Not offered every year. LEARNING HOURS    120 (36Pc;48G;36P) PREREQUISITE    Level 3 and (registration in a DRAM Major or Medial Plan, or COCA‐CODR Sub‐Plan, or STSC Specialization Plan) and (a grade of B‐ in DRAM 237/3.0) and (a GPA of 2.60 in DRAM) or permission of the Department.   

Course Detailed Description: Acting is an art form of creative and total self-expression using voice, body, emotion, intuition and imagination. This course is designed to take the acting student through a process of training that incorporates self-scripting techniques, voice work, movement work, and creative collaborations. While most of the emphasis will be on process and the student’s willingness to commit to and embrace new challenges, a part of the course will also focus on the quality and polish of the performance assignments