Queen's University

Music Theatre Vocal Technique [MUTH 210]

MUTH 210/3.0

LEARNING HOURS    120 (24S;12G;84P)

“DEADLINE - JUNE 15, 2018 – email audition video due to instructor” Melissa Morris mm63@queensu.ca

Prerequisite: Open to all Queen’s undergraduate students.  Priority given to students registered in a Dan School Plan. Registration by the Dan School upon successful audition. Auditions to be emailed to the instructor (TBA) by June 15, 2018.

Course Description: A study of vocal technique from Legitimate in the Golden Age of Musical Theatre to Belt/Mixed Belt in contemporary musicals and popular music culture. The course incorporates current research in the functional utility of breath and sound production. Emphasis is on the application of practical singing/listening skills and critical analysis skills.

Please note: MUTH courses can also count as Drama or MUSC or STSC MUSC/ART option

A note from the instructor:

Hello potential student! For your audition for this class - I would love to get to know you and your voice and your interests. Please make a short video of introduction and submit it to me. The video should include:

1-3 minutes talking about yourself!

  • Tell me about your background in theatre/musical theatre/dance/singing/other related skills, if you have any training in any of these disciplines, and which one you consider your strongest
  • Why this class interests you and what you hope to receive/achieve
  • Favourite musical and why

One musical theatre song, accompanied

  • This can be with piano karaoke track or with live piano accompanist
  • The song should be 1-2 minutes, no longer than 2.5
  • It can be a cut of a larger piece. Any era, whatever showcases your singing/acting!

A contrasting song

  • This song can be a capella or accompanied
  • The genre is up to you (musical theatre is great too) but please show me something different from  your first piece so I see two different characters, textures, or eras  (ex. definitely would love to hear classical from vocal majors)
  • The song should be 1-2 minutes

You can film all three parts separately but please edit them into a single video. It is probably easiest to send me a private you-tube video link. 

Looking forward to it!

Melissa Morris