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Western Music: Napoleon to 9/11 [MUSC 102]


MUSC 102: Western Music

offered online

The history of Western art music from 1750 to the present. The course focuses on musical styles, genres, and composers, as well as historical and social contextual considerations.

This course introduces students with no previous musical training to major trends in Western art music from about 1750 to the present day. MUSC 102 is the complementary course to MUSC 101, but it is designed so that it can be taken as an independent half-course. Persons registered in the course will acquire some fundamental vocabulary associated with the grammar of music, the names and sounds of instruments, and performance practices. This language will help equip participants for examining specific works in the historical context of the Western cultural tradition. We will begin with stylistic and generic currents active around the time of the death of Johann Sebastian Bach and proceed through "classical", "romantic", and twentieth-century phases.

Students should anticipate attendance at lectures and assigned readings and critical listening to specified compositions. The grading scheme will be based on in-class participation, tests and a final examination.

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