Queen's University

Applied Music [MUSC 124]

MUSC 124

Private instrumental or vocal instruction for non-B.Mus. students. Auditions required.

Auditions will occur the week of Labour Day. All information will be published on the DAN School website by the end of June.

NOTE    Accompanist fee - wind, brass, string, and voice students. Estimated cost $180.

RECOMMENDATION    At least i) Royal Conservatory Grade IX (or equivalent) for pianists; or ii) Grade VIII piano and Grade VIII organ (or equivalent) for organists; or iii) Grade VIII (or equivalent) for all other instrumentalists and vocalists.

PREREQUISITE    Permission of the School.


Do you have a music background? We offer one-on-one instrumental or vocal instruction for students who are not music majors. MUSC 124 is a 6.0 unit course. It consists of 23 individual weekly one-hour lessons (or an equivalent amount of time every fortnight). Students can take MUSC 124 at any point in their Queen's studies (as long as they pass the audition) and continue thereafter throughout your time at Queen's.  So for example, by successfully auditioning and registering in MUSC 124, a non-music Queen’s student who has taken piano lessons for many years can continue taking lessons for a full credit!

Students are expected to play a final jury examination held in the week following the end of classes in April, and to participate in Studios (Wednesdays at 1:30pm) for their instrument/voice.  The final course mark consists of an average of the jury mark and the instructor's mark for work completed during the academic year.


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