Queen's University

Canadian Drama [DRAM 306]


Drama 306: Canadian Drama, Theatre and Performance

Starting This Fall with Professor Natalie Rewa

In our study of drama and theatre from sea to sea to sea we will inquire into the writing of drama and making of theatre from the late sixties to the present.  Our study will take several forms among them we will study plays as well as productions, we will inquire into the mandates of theatre companies to support the diversity of artists and populations, and we will attend productions as available. 

Discussion in class will be supplemented by online postings to help us formulate questions of current import and devise research strategies for the future.  Students will undertake a program of research  (individually or in small groups) in consultation with the instructor. A study of plays and performance in Canada, concentrating on works since the 1960s. Attention will be paid to experiments by companies and individual playwrights. Texts will be read in English. 

LEARNING HOURS    120 (36L;84P)

PREREQUISITE    Level 3 or above