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Introduction to Drama [DRAM 100]

DRAM 100: Introduction to Drama


An exploration of stage production, acting, directing, playwriting, theatre history, dramatic analysis and criticism through use of plays chosen from various periods and representing different styles and genres. Opportunities given for practical projects.

DRAM100 is an introduction to significant concepts and issues in the study of drama and in the role of drama in society.  The course will take an inquiry- based learning approach and engage with these topics through question and investigation. We will explore a range of topics from acting to devising theatre, from criticism to directing, and from stage design to theories of the theatre. Consistent with the overall liberal arts perspective of the drama program here at Queen's, we will encourage critical thinking about the communicative role of theatre in society and the analysis of what makes good theatre.

LEARNING HOURS: 228 (72L;36Lb;120P)
EXCLUSION: No more than 6.0 units from DRAM 100/6.0
INSTRUCTOR: Grahame Renyk