Queen's University

Keyboard Skills [MUSC 129]

A fundamental keyboard skills course designed for non-keyboard majors.

NOTE    Course content will support and coordinate with the traditional diatonic harmonic material covered in MUSC 191 but will also include other styles. Successful completion of the course will require a working fluency at the keyboard in sight-reading, melodic and harmonic analysis as well as transcription. Activities will include harmonization, transposition and improvisation.

NOTE   Students require previous rudiments and piano experience to take this course.

LEARNING HOURS    120 (24Lb;96P)


PREREQUISITE    Registration in the B.Mus. or B.M.T. Plan or  permission of the School.

EXCLUSION    No more than 3.0 units from; MUSC 129/3.0; MUSC 128/3.0.

MUSC 129-001 Davidson

MUSC 129-002 Davidson

MUSC 129-003 Tormann