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Medieval Dramatic Literature [DRAM 271] CANCELLED

DRAM 271 is a seminar course devoted to the exploration of a range of dramatic works from the medieval period in England. Students will read works from both religious and secular traditions, including liturgical drama, morality plays, cycle dramas and interludes. Taught exclusively at the BISC, this course aims to provide students with an immersive awareness of the cultural role of theatre in this era.

Expected Learning Outcomes

1.   Students will practice strategies of dramaturgical analysis to generate understandings of “how plays mean.”

2.   Students will analyze and assess medieval dramatic texts to trace their influence on contemporary dramatic texts.

3.   Students will apply knowledge of medieval performance and production practices to dramatic texts to create historically-engaged re-enactments of these texts.

4.   Students will immerse themselves in the culture and social practices of medieval England to gain appreciation for the status and function of performance in medieval society.?

To apply: http://queensu.ca/bisc/academics/undergraduate/upper-year-programs/specialized-summer-programs-2017/medieval-theatre-studies