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Medieval Dramatic Performance [DRAM 273] CANCELLED

DRAM 273 is an intensive workshop course exploring medieval dramatic performance practice in England. Students will be involved as actors, devisers, and designers, and will engage with the pragmatic and aesthetic processes involved the production of medieval drama. Through a combination of primary source research and the theatrical production of one medieval play, students will explore the key functions of plays within medieval culture.

Expected Learning Outcomes

1.   Students will learn to read medieval theatrical texts for clues to performance.?

2.   Students will develop techniques to effectively perform medieval dramatic texts.

3.   Students will immerse themselves in the processes involved in the production of medieval theatre and come to understand their cultural function.

4.   Students will explore ways in which religious ideas can be situated in the body of the worshipper/actor and in the work involved in making theatre. 

To apply: http://queensu.ca/bisc/academics/undergraduate/upper-year-programs/specialized-summer-programs-2017/medieval-theatre-studies