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Theories of Theatre [DRAM 301]

DRAM 301/3.0


Theories of Theatre

“The office of philosophical disquisition consists in just distinction; while it is the privilege of the philosopher to preserve himself constantly aware, that distinction is not division. In order to obtain adequate notions of any truth, we must intellectually separate its distinguishable parts; and this is the technical process of philosophy.” – Coleridge Biographia Literaria

How can yesterday’s theories help today’s world? What are theories and how might we generate our own? To what end? How does thinking help living? What is theatre for? In this seminar we will read, write and enact our way through an investigation into key ideas about representation, story, entertainment and education. We will honour all our sources, from an Ancient Greek philosopher to a British voice teacher to an aboriginal Australian activist; from a French revolutionary to a Metis playwright. The class will look for theories in hidden places, looking for global and indigenous ideas and mining our individual and communal histories. Our 8:30 Monday class will be a place for coffee, breakfast and intellectual debate. Our Thursday class will get us on our feet. Students will need to have initiative, commitment, a willingness to read and write carefully, and the stamina to show up on time.


PREREQUISITE: Level 3 or above and registration in a DRAM, COCA, MUSC, MUTH or STSC Plan.

Professor: Julie Salverson