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World Musics [MUSC 289]

From the Calendar: An introduction to the study of music in culture, based on world music traditions. The course focuses on a selection of Native North American, African, European, Eastern and Middle Eastern, as well as other musical contexts. LEARNING HOURS: 112 (36L;24O;52P)

● World Musics is offered online

Detailed Course Description:

The human process of music-making is found all over the world and can form a crucial part of both our most profound experiences and our most playful moments. It is a global phenomenon, a human universal, yet offers an immense diversity of expressive experience. Much more than a combination of sounds, music gives us a glimpse into worldviews that can be quite different from our own and offers examples of globalized interaction through fusions and cross-overs. Through a series of geographical case-studies, this course will explore the variety and the universals of the world of music, and seek to achieve the following objectives:

  • ✔︎ To familiarize students with the features of various music systems
  • ✔︎ To introduce issues of musical universality and diversity, social function, continuity and change, and other questions of musical meaning
  • ✔︎ To offer students some ways of appreciating and understanding some of the wonderful musics the world has to offer


Taught by Rob MacKay