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You're Invited.

At The Dan School of Drama and Music we invite participants from across campus (and beyond) in our courses. Please join us in a 2017-18 class on campus or online, and creatively enhance your learning experience at Queen's.

For students outside the Faculty of Arts & Science, consult with your program advisor regarding the eligibility of these electives. 

Below is a handpicked list of classes that will expand your appreciation for, understanding of, and competencies in, the creative and performing arts and the entertainment and culture industries. Best of all, they have few or no pre-requisites.

So much to explore!

Do you have a music background?

We offer a range of ensemble courses open to students all across campus who pass an audition. 

  • ● Chamber Ensembles
  • ● Flute Ensemble
  • ● Choral Ensembles
  • ● Wind Ensemble
  • ● Keyboard Ensemble
  • ● Symphony Orchestra
  • ● Music Theatre Ensemble

And did you know that we offer applied music instrument lessons for non-music students? 

So for example, by successfully auditioning and registering in MUSC 124, a non-music Queen’s student who has taken piano lessons for many years can continue taking lessons for a full credit!

Lessons are available in: voice, piano, clarinet, trumpet, clasical guitar, oboe, bassoon, violin. Enrollment limited by availability of instructor.

details: one-to-one Lessons

Top Picks in Elective Courses:

Theatre in the TV Age

In DRAM 205 you'll explore how some of the major trends in theatre since the 19thC have been represented in film, television & other media

Studying World Musics

MUSC 289 is an intro to the study of music cultures from Native North American, African, European, Eastern, to Middle Eastern...and more.

Public Presentations

DRAM 236 is a great opportunity to improve your public speaking skills and develop a signature style for your presentation design/delivery

Digital Audio Recording & Editing

In MUSC 156 you'll learn the basics of digital audio recording and editing for podcast or music recording/mixing.

Sex and Violence in Performance

Craig Walker's MUTH 201 explores the representation of sex and violence in dramatic and musical performances. 

Intro to Creative Entrepreneurship

In ENIN 301 with Sidneyeve Matrix you'll learn how to launch and promote artistic ideas, products/services, individuals, and businesses. 

Introduction to Music Fundamentals

Learn about musical notation, ear training, music theory and analysis in MUSC 104

Listening to Revolutions

MUTH 111 is an introduction to the study of Western music, theatre, fine art, and literature.

Western Music: Napoleon to 9/11

MUSC 102 is offered online with zero pre-reqs and requires no previous musical training

Introduction to the Study of Drama

Learn stage production, acting, directing, playwriting + more in DRAM 100 with Grahame Renyk

Theatre for Young Audiences

Read plays for young audiences and consider social/artistic issues associated with various dramatic and theatrical techniques.

Social History of Popular Music

MUSC 171 surveys key trends in 20thC Western popular music. You can take this course on campus or online

The Republic to Rationalism

Study Western music, theatre, fine art, and literature in historical and global perspective in MUTH 110

Theatre History and Literature

In DRAM 200 you'll study production methods, architecture, performance, and dramatic literature in Western & Eastern ​cultural traditions.

Teaching Music to Children

MUSC 114 is a hands-on, blended approach to the theory and practice of teaching and engaging with children through music.