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Design and Theatre [DRAM 241]

DRAM 241/3.0 Design and Theatre

This course offers an introduction to set, prop, and costume design. Class time will be used for lecture, group discussion, and studio work. The course is structured around a series of practical design “problem sets” that highlight different skills and perspectives needed by theatre designers and those who think critically about design. Core questions to be considered: How do visual elements communicate? How do visual elements convey meaning to an audience? How can they be used to support an understanding of the play?

Instructor: Clelia Scala

PREREQUISITE: Grade of B- in DRAM 240/3.0


Lectures and demonstrations will be posted in advance via video for asynchronous delivery. One hour per week will be a live class by Zoom for discussion about the lectures and demonstrations. There will also be one hour per week of optional studio time conducted by Zoom, during which students can work on their projects with the assistance of the instructor. There will be no exam, but students will be expected to submit a design presentation by video at the end of the term.