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Drama Practicum [DRAM 247]

DRAM 247/1.5 Drama Practicum           


This course is a Pass/Fail practicum representing 48 hours of extra-curricular work (independent study) in drama related fields, including departmental productions.

Application is required for this course with a deadline of January 15, 2022. Email the Application Form to Katherine Peter peterk@queensu.ca who will notify you upon approval and then register you in the course.


·                  DRAM 247 is by application only.

·                  You must be connected to a show; cast-crew-creative etc. before applying to take DRAM 247

·                  Contact instructor Adair Redish redisha@queensu.ca for more information.

·                  DRAM 247 is available for any position on a show.

·                  Production work done on a show in the fall or Winter can be applied to DRAM 247.

·                  Once approved you will be registered in the course. (You cannot register yourself in the course.)

PRACTICAL PARTICIPATION in DRAM 247 involves a commitment to a minimum forty eight (48) hours of production work over the course of the academic year. This may require 2 projects to get your full 48 hours.

There are several types of practical projects available for DRAM 247.
1. Show crew position: Lighting, sound, video, costume crew, stage crew etc.
2. Production crew position: ASM, costume, carpentry, paint or props crew etc.
3. Front-of-house position: Front-of-house Manager,  Marketing Manager, Box Office Manager.
4. Production Team Leader:
Stage Manager, Head of Lighting, Carpentry, Scenic Paint, Video, Sound, Props,  Furniture/Set-dressing, Costumes, Hair/Make-up, Puppets or Special Effects etc.
5. Producer, Production Manager, Technical Director.
6. Performer:
Actor, Dancer, Singer, Musician etc.
7. Director, Choreographer, Music Director etc.
8. Producing Playwright., Dramaturge
9. Designer: Set, costumes, lighting, sound, video etc.

Eligible Production Companies: The list of eligible companies for DRAM 247 is unlimited. From Dan School shows to Dan Studio Series shows. Student companies to professional theatre companies, non-traditional projects to coaching/working with High-school students’ projects, the list is endless. Bring the office a proposal and we’ll try to approve it. Remember it must relate to production and you will need a team leader/supervisor and if approved we will assign a faculty member. You will then be registered in DRAM 247.


COREQUISITES: DRAM 240/3.0 or DRAM 242/3.0.

Dram246/247 Proposal Form