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Drama Practicum [DRAM 247]

DRAM 247/1.5 Drama Practicum           


This course is a Pass/Fail practicum representing 48 hours of extra-curricular work (independent study) in drama related fields, including departmental productions.

Application is required for this course with deadlines of September 12, 2022 (Fall) and January 9, 2023 (Winter). Email the Application Form to DANadmin@queensu.ca.


·                  DRAM 247 is by application only.

·                  You must be connected to a show; cast-crew-creative etc. before applying to take DRAM 247

·                  Contact instructor Clelia Scala  for more information.

·                  DRAM 247 is available for any position on a show.

·                  Production work done on a show in the fall or Winter can be applied to DRAM 247.

·                  Once approved you will be registered in the course. (You cannot register yourself in the course.)

PRACTICAL PARTICIPATION in DRAM 247 involves a commitment to a minimum forty eight (48) hours of production work over the course of the academic year. This may require 2 projects to get your full 48 hours.

There are several types of practical projects available for DRAM 247.
1. Show crew position: Lighting, sound, video, costume crew, stage crew etc.
2. Production crew position: ASM, costume, carpentry, paint or props crew etc.
3. Front-of-house position: Front-of-house Manager,  Marketing Manager, Box Office Manager.
4. Production Team Leader:
Stage Manager, Head of Lighting, Carpentry, Scenic Paint, Video, Sound, Props,  Furniture/Set-dressing, Costumes, Hair/Make-up, Puppets or Special Effects etc.
5. Producer, Production Manager, Technical Director.
6. Performer:
Actor, Dancer, Singer, Musician etc.
7. Director, Choreographer, Music Director etc.
8. Producing Playwright., Dramaturge
9. Designer: Set, costumes, lighting, sound, video etc.

Eligible Production Companies: The list of eligible companies for DRAM 247 is unlimited. From Dan School shows to Dan Studio Series shows. Student companies to professional theatre companies, non-traditional projects to coaching/working with High-school students’ projects, the list is endless. Bring the office a proposal and we’ll try to approve it. Remember it must relate to production and you will need a team leader/supervisor and if approved we will assign a faculty member. You will then be registered in DRAM 247.


COREQUISITES: DRAM 240/3.0 or DRAM 242/3.0.

Dram247 Proposal Form 2022-2023