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Elementary Computer Animation [CISC 110]

Elementary Computer Animation


LEARNING HOURS: 120 (36L;36Lb;48P)

Introduction to tools and techniques for creating 2D computer animations. Introduction to animation software (e.g., Flash) and scripting languages (e.g., ActionScript). Involves a project in the student’s area of interest, such as fine art, education, or commerce.

NOTE: No computing or art background required.

NOTE: Sufficient preparation for CISC 121/3.0. Students without programming experience should take CISC 110/3.0 (or CISC 101/3.0) before CISC 121/3.0. With permission of the instructor, students with programming experience may take this course concurrently with CISC 121/3.0.

EXCLUSION: No more than 3.0 units f rom APSC 142/3.0; CISC 101/3.0; CISC 110/3.0.

ONE-WAY EXCLUSION: May not be taken with or after CISC 121/3.0.