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Creative Entrepreneurship
ENIN 301/3.0

Next Offering: Fall 2019

Course Description:

This course offers a primer on personal and organizational creativity, and is designed to support students to develop entrepreneurial mindsets. Students will practice developing, growing, and promoting creative ideas, projects, services, people, and artistic enterprises. The course will be of interest to budding and established artpreneurs, entrepreneurs, and also to intrapreneurs engaged in innovation within organizations.

Learning Goals:

On completing this course students will have a broad understanding of the methods and skills needed for creative innovation. And they will have practiced designing and delivering pitches and pilots for new products, processes, services, and ventures across a range of creative sector businesses and organizations. Over the six weeks of this course students will be engaged in activities including for example:

Practicing a disciplined approach to brainstorming that leads to actionable ideas and insights and improves problem-solving skills 
Conducting online market and user experience research to discover innovation opportunities
Developing the intellectual flexibility and empathy to examine problems from the point of view of the user, audience, or client 
Reflecting on the value and impact of entrepreneurial thinking to the production and promotion of creative products, processes, business models, and services 
Framing innovative ideas and initiatives and communicating them to others using digital and visual multimedia content and storytelling techniques

Course Design and Delivery:

This course is delivered exclusively online in a 12-week format (September-December). The course is paperless -- all readings are digital, all assignments are submitted and assessed online, all lectures are in podcast or video format.


Attendance at the periodic live webinars is completely optional, as all web meetings are recorded for on-demand viewing later. Likewise, there are no group work activities or required synchronous sessions in this course, with the exception of two short timed quizzes, which take place on OnQ and are open for 12 hours each (to suit students in different time zones) on a weekday and a weekend day. This course does not involve any face-to-face on-campus exams. Office hours are conducted via video chat, with 101 coaching/consultation bookings available most days, weekends, and several evenings per week. 

Required Materials:

Students will need access to high-speed web connectivity for the duration of the course.

There is no textbook or reading package to purchase. The required readings for this course include popular news articles, excerpts from business trade titles, case studies, and short academic research articles about creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship from across the disciplines and creative industries. 

There is no special software required to purchase for this course. Instead we will be relying on free, cloud-based apps that work equally well on Mac/PC and should be accessible on your connected mobile devices too.


• 75% creative research assignments (3 @ 25% each)
• 25% online quizzes based on the readings and lecture videos (2 @ 12.5% each)

Creative research assignments in this course will result in digital deliverables such as for example, pitch decks and flipbooks, storyboards, business model canvases, personas, empathy and journey maps, interactive prototypes, mockups, infographics, moodboards, vision boards, landing pages, and email newsletter templates. If you are unfamiliar with these types of assignments, this is a great opportunity to quickly expand your hard/soft skill set and creative/digital communication competencies.

Please note: 

There is absolutely no previous experience with graphic design required to do well in this course. No business background is needed. If you want to improve your creative thinking skills, hone your visual communication and information design competencies, and grow your entrepreneurial mindset, this is the course for you.

Professor: Sidneyeve Matrix 

Get in touch, I ❤︎ questions: matrixs@queensu.ca

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