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Envisioning Disruptive Technologies

ENIN 207/3.0

This course illustrates the concept of disruptive technology – where the pace of technological progress easily exceeds the rate of performance improvement that customers in a market demand. The cases we will cover highlight the implications of such innovation on the research, design, promotional, and business strategies involved.

The course is designed to help students recognize that technology is never neutral, but is always socially, politically and culturally situated. Students will be asked to recognize and confront their own cognitive biases, and to analyze disruptive technologies through case examples from the past, present and future.


PREREQUISITE Level 2 or above.

Professor: Dirk Rodenburg, PhD

Dr. Rodenburg is an Educational Consultant with the Queen’s University Schools of Medicine and Rehabilitation, and a Term Adjunct Professor with the Faculty of Engineering’s Department of Chemical Engineering.  He has twenty years of experience as a software entrepreneur within academia, educational technology, financial services, biotechnology and scientific instruments. Dirk’s research interests include human performance, expertise, cognition, real time data analytics, data feedback, human-computer interaction and ethics and privacy.  Dirk holds an MA in Adult Education from the University of British Columbia and a PhD from the Faculty of Information from the University of Toronto.