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ENIN 340/3.0

Topics in Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

“Thinking Inside the Box”: Focus on Intrapreneurship–Strategies for Creating Corporate Change from Within

Course Description

“Like entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs take risks and find more effective ways to accomplish tasks. An intrapreneur, in the most basic sense, is a skilled problem solver that can take on important tasks within a company.” — Inc. Magazine

“One of the cardinal sins that many businesses commit – whether implicitly or accidentally – is to stifle the creativity of employees who are bright, ambitious and have designs on climbing the internal ladder. Nobody wants to be met with a metaphorical brick wall when attempting to present ideas and innovations…” —Virgin Group

Organizations big and small must continuously innovate in order to survive and thrive. Intrapreneurs are those people who adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and apply start-up practices within established organizations. Intrapreneurs are always looking for ways to make things better, and they become adept at using creative thinking and communication skills to arrive at new and innovative solutions to persistent problems.

This course will cover strategies that entrepreneurially-minded employees can use for identifying and eliminating bottlenecks, communicating ideas, securing buy-in for new ideas from colleagues and leadership teams, and implementing innovations that are in-sync with and complement existing organizational structures, advancing organizational goals.

Learners will develop knowledge on how to navigate the barriers to creating, developing, and sustaining innovative new initiatives within existing organizations.

For internal (“corporate”) entrepreneurship to succeed, the individual champions of innovation must be comfortable with uncertainty and risk, and have high levels of human initiative and persistence. Thus this course will also cover related topics of wellness innovation strategies to support intrapreneurial individuals to sustain their resilience, focus, productivity, creativity, and success.

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LEARNING HOURS: 120 over the term (84 Online + 36 Private study) (about ten hours per week)

PREREQUISITE: Level 2 or above (this means you need to be at least a second year student, but if you are not, and want to take this course, contact the instructor for a permission waiver!)

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