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Fundamentals of Media Production [FILM 250]

Fundamentals of Media Production


LEARNING HOURS: 216 (36L;36Lb;24Oc;120P)

This course provides a grounding in basic media production concepts and techniques, including scripting, directing, camerawork, sound, and post production. It is structured around a series of short production exercises, completed by small groups of students. Each student will produce or direct a short media project in the Winter Term.

NOTE: Production supplies $100. Priority will be given to students with the highest overall GPA on FILM courses, including those at the 100-level.

PREREQUISITE: (A grade of B- in FILM 110/6.0) or (a GPA of 2.60 in FILM 104/3.0 and FILM 106/3.0) or (a GPA of 2.60 in BISC 100/3.0 and FILM 104/3.0) and (registration in a FILM Major or Medial Plan, STSC Specialization or COCA Specialization Plan).