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Golam Rabbani

A member of Dan School of Drama & Music

Golam Rabbani

Teaching Fellow


Golam Rabbani is a researcher, educator, performer, and amateur writer working as a Teaching Fellow at Dan School of Drama and Music. He is involved in post-secondary research and teaching for more than twelve years and taught in universities in Bangladesh, Belgium, and Canada. He taught courses on music, ethnomusicology, cultural studies theory, literary studies, and language skills. He has published on interdisciplinary topics, and his recent conference papers and publications focus on eco-musical and cognitive approaches to South Asian folk music, literature, and culture. His PhD project investigating Baul music and culture is funded by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Doctoral Award, and he also received Erasmus Mundus Action II scholarship to complete his second MA at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. His research interests follow interdisciplinary studies, including ethnomusicology, Western and non-Western literature, social/cultural theory and philosophy, and language skills. He is trained in Baul and Bengali music and Indian Classical music and performed in numerous events in South Asia, Europe, and Canada.

Research Interests: Baul Literature, Music and Culture; Cognitive Approaches to Literature; Representation in Media and Films; Postcolonial Literature; American Literature; Literary and Cultural Theory; Drama and Theater.