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Graduate Studies Apply Tips

Tips for applying to graduate programs at the DAN School of Drama and Music 

Start Date

All new students in the program begin their studies in May. When you open the application form you will see what appears to be a choice of intended start dates in either May or September. The September start date is reserved for students who have already completed the Graduate Diploma in Arts Management at Queen’s University and wish to continue their studies in the Master of Arts Leadership. All new applicants to the program MUST choose the May start date in order to be considered for admission.

Please be aware that, once you submit your application and pay the non-refundable application fee, it will not be possible to change your intended start date without submitting a new application and paying a second application fee.



Queen’s School of Graduate Studies permits applicants to upload unofficial transcripts as part of their application package. This allows the applications & Admissions Committee to begin their assessment without having to wait for official transcripts to arrive from other institutions. Please be aware that, in order for the application package to be considered complete (with a notation of Documents Received in the SGS application portal), allowing the committee to be able to render a final decision, official transcripts must be received from each post-secondary institution/program which an applicant attended, whether a degree program was completed or not.

Official transcripts must be sent by the granting institution directly to Queen’s School of Graduate Studies. Transcripts sent by the applicant will not be considered to be official. Ideally, transcripts should be sent by mail in a sealed envelope and bearing the seal of the granting institution; however, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, SGS will accept transcripts from the granting institution by email. It is incumbent upon the applicant to ensure that the proper, official transcripts are sent to Queen’s School of Graduate Studies from each of their former institutions of higher learning.



Two references are required. The Applications and Admissions Committee want to see references that best reflect your academic and professional experience. What does that mean?

Applicants who have recently completed an undergraduate degree and have no professional experience should submit two academic references.

Applicants who have recently completed an undergraduate degree (fewer than 10 years) and who have professional experience should submit one academic and one professional reference.

Applicants who have been out of school for a significant amount of time (10+ years) and who have professional experience should submit two professional references.

Do not submit more than two references.

When in doubt, reach out to our Graduate Program Assistant, Amie Bello, who will be happy to advise you on the best option for your circumstances.


Please do not send any application materials to the DAN School of Drama and Music (CV, transcripts, etc.). All application materials must be submitted through the School of Graduate Studies application portal.

For questions about the program and the application process, contact:

Amie Bello
Graduate Assistant