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Arts Management Graduate Diploma

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These are extraordinary times for everyone, and the arts industry requires resilient, creative minds ready to bring new ideas and ways of expression to the world. The industry also needs managers who are trained in philanthropy, marketing, and design thinking to meet the needs of this rapidly evolving arts world.

Once again, the Dan School of Drama and Music at Queen’s University is offering the full Graduate Diploma in Arts Management by remote learning online in the Summer 2021 term. Join us!

Complete your Graduate Diploma
in Arts Leadership in 2021!

Now accepting new applications for our fully online 12-week Graduate Diploma in Arts Management.

 Classes begin May 2021.

The Dan School of Drama and Music, and the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts (IBCPA) are offering both a new Arts Management Graduate Diploma and a Master of Arts in Arts Leadership for students and experienced professionals who have the passion and acumen for the arts and are seeking opportunities in arts management and leadership.

The program centres on developing 21st century leadership and management capabilities. Coursework covers strategic planning and thinking, a specific focus on comprehensive revenue development in arts marketing and philanthropy, artistic producing, contract negotiations and labour relations, financial and management accounting, and creative entrepreneurship.

The Arts Management Graduate Diploma program is designed to broaden a student’s knowledge of arts organizations and to help them acquire an understanding of business theories and management techniques and their application including those in financial and management accounting, arts marketing, arts philanthropy, strategic planning and leadership, and governance. There is an emphasis on revenue development skills taught by top practitioners in the field, addressing a skill gap and significant industry need (particularly in revenue development) as outlined in the industry research described.

The program design relies on inquiry-based research, applied learning in live-site analysis, and the rigorous exchange of ideas, producing graduate students who are immediately qualified to assume specialized administrative positions with professional arts organizations and who will eventually assume leadership roles.

Summer Term: The following 12.0 units of courses are required (core), taught remotely over a twelve-week summer term:

3.0 units – Arts Marketing (ARTL 801)
3.0 units – Arts Philanthropy (ARTL 802)
3.0 units – Financial Literacy for Non-Financial Managers (MIR 875/ARTL 875)
1.5 units – Contract Negotiations (ARTL 808)
1.5 units – Artistic Producing (ARTL 804)