Queen's University

ARTL 807

1.5 Units

This course provides an overview of Canadian cultural policy and its impact on arts organizations and artists. This includes a study of the historical development, formulation and execution of cultural policy in municipal, provincial and federal jurisdictions and key current policy issues and trends.

Students will  explore institutional and governmental acts, policies, plans, reports, objectives, strategic initiatives and programs through readings and interviews with four key leaders plus actively monitoring the changing landscape of cultural policy issues.    

Students will gain a grounding in conceptual frameworks and socio-political approaches to cultural policy; appreciate its public and artistic impact; gain an understanding of its historical evolution; be familiar with granting bodies and processes; government relations; and be able to evaluate the impact of cultural policy on cultural organizational planning and programming. Students will also develop an understanding of the value and methods of advocacy to support goals.

Experiential learning includes the completion of a research paper and a government grant. The research paper will analyze an arts organization’s environment and current cultural policies at all three levels of government leading to the development of options for an outreach project.  Recommendations are to be provided on the best option with a project design and approach for support and include a advocacy strategy.  A government grant will be completed to seek support for the recommended option.


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