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Guitar Techniques and Methods [MUSC 288]

MUSC 288/3.0 Guitar Techniques and Methods

*Previously MUSC 188 – If you have taken MUSC 188 then please consider MUSC 381.

MUSC 288: Guitar Techniques and Methods

An introduction to the guitar through class instruction. Content includes fundamental note playing and chording techniques, notation, alternate tunings, basic instrument maintenance, method books and teaching techniques. A range of musical styles will be explored, including classical, flamenco, fingerstyle, Blues, Salsa and Afro-Cuban. Students must provide their own acoustic instruments. (Nylon-stringed guitars are preferred.)


Lecture content will be posted in advance via video for asynchronous delivery. One hour per week will be “live” class via Zoom for discussion of questions and demonstrations. There is no exam, but weekly performance assignments and the Term assignment will be handled through WeVu.

NOTE    Students with RCM Grade 8 Theory or equivalent may request permission from the School to take the course.

PREREQUISITE    (Registration in a BMUS or BMT Plan) or MUSC 104/3.0.