Hailey Scott: CFRC Prize for Research Paper

Dan School Undergraduate student researcher, Hailey Scott has won a prize from CFRC Radio for her paper “Psychological Dangers in Participatory Theatre” presented at the university-wide Inquiry@Queen’s conference on March 12, 2021. The presentations of the five winners will be aired as an undergraduate research podcast in the near future.

Link to CFRC: https://www.cfrc.ca/

In Hailey’s own words: My research aims to analyze how artists can make their participatory performances psychologically accessible without compromising their creative intentions. My research began with conducting interviews with mental health professionals and studying texts on psychology. I analyzed Antonin Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty theory and defined the emerging theory of Theatre of Care. I investigated where the danger lies within these theories and how audience emotions can be exploited for the sake of immersion. I conducted case studies of various participatory performances I attended and researched to illustrate successful applications of audience safety and potential dangers. Finally, I highlighted practical dramaturgical safeguards to incorporate into performances to reduce the likelihood of psychological harm.