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Internship [MUTH 396]

MUTH 396/6.0 Internship

MUTH 396/6.0 is an internship working in a paid musical theatre-performance-related job that the student finds for themselves with a professional music theatre/performance organization to gain ‘industry experience’, is worth 6.0 units (240 hours of work), and can be used to fulfil (part) of 300-level course degree requirements.

PREREQUISITE: Level 3 or above and registration in a DRAM, MUSC, or MUTH Plan and a GPA of 2.9 and permission of the School.

EXCLUSION(S): DRAM 395/3.0; FILM 395/3.0; MAPP 395/3.0; MUSC 395/3.0

Permission: There is an application form to complete – and acceptance is subject to approval by the DAN School. Deadlines are listed on the application form.

Form: DRAM/MUSC/MUTH 395 Internships

Form: MUTH 396 Internships

An onsite supervisor confirms the on-the-job duties of the position along with learning outcomes.

Towards the end of the employment period, the student submits a report to an academic supervisor – who assigns a pass or fail grade.