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Intro to Comp Sci I [CISC 121]

Intro to Comp Sci I


LEARNING HOURS: 120 (36L;24Lb;60P)

Introduction to design and analysis of algorithms. Recursion, backtracking, and exits. Sequences, linked lists and references. Binary search trees. Elementary searching and sorting. Assertions and loop invariants. Order- of-magnitude complexity. Numerical computation. Documentation, testing and debugging.

RECOMMENDATION: Some programming experience (such as high -school level programming or CISC 101 /3.0 or CISC 110 /3.0); see Introductory Courses in Departmental Notes.

COREQUISITE: CISC 102/3.0 or MATH 111/6.0 or MATH 121/6.0 or MATH 122/6.0 or MATH 110/6.0 or MATH 112/3.0 or MATH 120/6.0 or MATH 123/3.0 or MATH 124/3.0 or MATH 126/6.0.