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Introduction to Instrumental Composition [MUSC 151]

MUSC 151/3.0 Introduction to Instrumental Composition

Instructor: Dean Burry
This course teaches students the basics of instrumental composition with a strong emphasis on creativity and class participation.
Instrumental music in itself constitutes a vast area, both from an historical and stylistic perspective.  Through a broad and inclusive approach examining various styles and eras (including medieval dance music, renaissance consorts, keyboard and chamber music, popular, folk and experimental) students will compare and contrast the idiomatic techniques of various genres while incorporating these techniques into their own “compositional toolbox”. Students will compose a number of works in various styles  for solo piano and multiple and non-traditional instruments.  Students’ own previous instrumental experience and preferences are considered and exploration of each student’s own compositional voice is encouraged.  Learning is derived from a combination of lectures, composition assignments, in-class presentations and collective workshopping of students’ music, class participation as instrumentalists in group work, one ten-minute in-class presentation of a instrumental  composition topic of the students choice, and a final performance (either by the student or other performers) of one composition.
NOTE    No prior experience with composition is required, but students must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the rudiments of music prior to enrolment.
LEARNING HOURS    136 (12L;24S;4G;96P)
PREREQUISITE    MUSC 104/3.0, MUSC 105/3.0 or MUSC P52/3.0 or permission of the School.
EXCLUSION    No more than 1 course from MUSC 152/3.0; MUSC 153/6.0.