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Introduction to Dramaturgy [DRAM 220]

DRAM 220/3.0

Introduction to Dramaturgy


Through hands-on exploration of a number of dramatic texts from around the world (ranging from 5th century BCE Greece to 21st century Canada), DRAM220 will explore the basic principles of dramaturgy. Etymologically, dramaturgy means the making of the drama. Analysis of the mechanisms of play texts is the central concern of the course. Why are plays constructed the way they are? What effects do those choices generate? How and why do different cultural groups approach drama and dramaturgy differently? The principles discussed in the course will be applied not only to playwriting but also to directing, acting, design, and producing.


LEARNING HOURS: 126 (36L;30O;60P)


Required for DRAMA MAJ, MED, STSC

Instructor: Sarah Waisvisz

Please note: in the event of Remote Delivery for the Winter Term, this course will involve 1.5 hours of synchronous “live” learning a week; 1-1 learning with a regular study partner; and self-directed learning by the student via materials and lessons posted to OnQ. Students will also be able to attend a weekly online group tutorial as well as private office-hours with the instructor.